Who is Who Of Icon Garden

Syed Javed Hussain Shah Bukhari

Managing Director

Icon Garden

Welcome to Icon Garden. We are offering a very unique housing society in Islamabad as “Icon Garden”. Icon Garden will be the best residential project of Islamabad due to its modern planning and top location of Japan Road.

That’s why it gives us immense pleasure to introduce Icon Garden to you. We, at Icon Garden, are committed in providing world-class residential solutions for our clients.

Our focus on customer satisfaction is never compromised. We’re not only building landmarks, we’re building concrete trust as well.

Our commitment to provide world-class housing project is a driving force of our success. Our innovative business strategies and determined working spirit, will make us one of the most valuable and most admired realtors in the country. Our founding philosophy lies in our strategy to be most valuable and innovative Housing Society in Islamabad, providing a superior level of service to all our valued customers while making each home a pleasurable experience to live in.

We will provide a very unique security system for safety purpose in Icon Gardens which you have never seen before.We have an ambition, to raise the expectations about the way people live, work and play while improving their quality of lives. We not only create dreams, we strive to make them reality and we do not rest till we achieve our promises. This is the platform to create lasting relationships with our customers and share their satisfaction while delivering commitment.

In sha’ Allah we will always overcome any challenges, that might come in the way of  our  project” Icon Garden Islamabad”.

Syed Taqi Naqvi


Icon Garden

Icon Garden , is proving to be a true living legend. As things are shaping up and project is moving towards reality.Our promise is visible on ground. We are striving to complete the development phase well before time and beyond your expectations.

As secretary Icon Garden, I promise to maintain the speed of development and transparency of the procedures involved.

Malik Tariq Hussain

Managing Director

Chinnar Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.

Chinnar Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. Is introducing ” Icon Garden ” . Icon Garden will prove to be a living legend in the realm of housing societies. Icon Garden will stand different and unique in terms of quality of work, living standard, town planning and presentation. Administration of Icon Garden has promised to deliver this project at the best of quality and construction standards. In time completion of development work and prompt delivery of plots are the key principals of their planning. That’s why Chinnar Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. took this project as an honor, because nature blessed us with an honest opportunity to serve and fulfill dreams of a quality living at economical prices in the heart of capital.

I pray to Almighty, to bless us with courage and strength to complete this task as promised and within due time.

Ch. Muhammad Faisal


Chinnar Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.

At Chinnar Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. we promise to deliver your dreams. That’s why we introduced Icon Garden.

Icon Garden , is a dream society , and we have promised to make it a reality. A reality which will be undeniable. A reality which will be unmatched and Iconic.

In my personal capacity i would like to ensure you that , we will develop “Icon Garden” well before time, and at A+ standard.

May Almighty bless us all.